About Us

Shiba Gadgets Ltd., is owned by Jacky J.L., who has never lost any of his enthusiasm for the business and is working very hard today as he did 45 years ago when he started in business in 1972. He has always followed latest trends, created and designed new designer products for distribution to every major OEM/ODM Importer or Distributor or On-Line sellers in each and every country on each continent.

We only sell our products to Importers, Distributors, Retailers or On-Line E-Marketing Sellers, we do not sell our products direct to public or E-Marketing On-line ourselves.

Exclusive Only for you! 

We are OEM Designers; we Design manufacture and Market our products only on "Exclusive basis; Only for you - One Product - One OEM Buyer - One Country" is our marketing Policy 

North America: U.S.A. One Distributor or Importer is our Policy. Canada and Mexico can be added on request if buyer is marketing in all 3 Countries. 

All Countries of European Community "EU" One Strong buyer to Control All EU or only in their own Individual Country.  

Rest of World - Each Country is "Country by Country"; "Brexit" United Kingdom U.K. + Ireland is One Country.

Quantity For Exclusivity we are flexible - mainly according to Population of Country - Economic situation of each country; Not less than  5,000 - 10,000 - 20,000 Sets or 20ft/40ft/40ft HQ quantities for most of countries.    


Jacky J.L.,
President - Managing Director - Designer with Experience of over 45 years