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Home and Office “MOM” Player
My Own Music or Media Player
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Tech Specs - Description: 


Designer 16 GB Built in Memory "MOM” Player; 

In Short it is your "My Own Music &/or Media” Player

You can play music or Video from your own library stored in 16GB memory   

Your Own Music - Like most of us, you may also have several hundred to over 1000’s of Music Files which you have legally bought in past several years. 

Your Own Video files from Social Media current trend perhaps you also receive from your friends for your own personal use Media Music and Video files via Facebook - Whats App or We chat and/or Email Attachments


We are studying Alexa or Similar Smart Speakers among many other things can only play music, internet radios play music if you have them and/or subscribed to Streaming music, but so far you cannot play Video files. Keeping this in mind, Jacky J.L., Designer with 45 Years of Experience in Audio and Acoustics is taking challenge to Design MOM Players with following features. 


Following are features your view and your comments: 


  • 16GB My Own Music (MOM) Player 
  • Music Formats: Mp3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLACD, AAC, AAC 
  • Video Format: Mp4, AMV, AVI 
  • Source of Music & Video Files you can up load on 16GB Built in Memory, Create different play lists for your own 8000 Minutes of 128KBPS Music Library or Store Video Files 
  • 1.8” TFT Full Colour Display (Optional 2.4” TFT Full Colour Display)
  • FM PLL Radio - 20 Memory Stations - 
  • Music Streaming from Any Bluetooth Enabled Device - AVRCP -HFC Hands Free  Call Profiles - 
  • Play Media Files from External SD Card or Up to 32 GB USB Pen Drive (Not included) 
  • Aux in Play Back 
  • Full Function Remote Control 
  • Size:  Mini Tower about 90x90x180mm 7" tall x 3.5” Wide Sporting a 2.5”~3” inch Full Range Speaker with Bass Reflective woofer



MSRP Just $79.99 ~$89.99 (below $100) which puts it in a market place shoulder to shoulder with leading brand names which sell ONLY BLUETOOTH Speakers without above specifications. No Memory and None of most of above specifications.