All in One Music Recorder

EN-320 Records All Your Original CD’s in Highest Quality MP3 bitrate of 320kbps
No Computer Required - No Internet Required - Just One Touch Record Key
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 EN-320  The Highest Quality MP3 - has a bitrate of 320kbps


EN-320 Encodes All Your Original CD’s in Highest Quality MP3 bitrate of 320kbps

All Your CD Music is Encoded in Files of Highest Quality  


CD Disc first introduced in 1982, became popular in1990’s

Perhaps like many others you also own hundreds of CD’s - Today Most of CD Portable systems are becoming absolute


No Computer Required - No Internet Required - Just One Touch Encoding Key   


All Your Original CD Tracks in highest 320 kbps bitrate on USB or SD Card 


Encode B-Bluetooth Streaming -  Encode FM Stereo Radio - Encode Any Audio files from CD-CDRW-Mp3CD’s    

‘AUX-IN’ you can Encode All Music or E-Books in 320kbps bitrate  

Save all above Encoded files on up to 32 GB USB or SD Card

Mirror Copy and Play Back - No Change of Format 

Yes, Mirror Copy 'USB to SD or SD to USB'., Whatever Format Files you have on these drives; Mp3 or WMA or Flac or AAC or Wave or OGG  etc., All Files are yours and will be just mirror copied. 

Play Back USB or SD Card: All your files Play Back in their Original Format of Mp3 or WMA or Flac or AAC or Wave or OGG  etc. 

Important Remarks 

1) "What you input is What you will get” even though Encoding is done at 320kbps; however if your files are lower than 320kbps bitrates, they will not be upgraded or enhanced to higher bitrates. 

2) Delete Files: Yes You can! delete File by File only in Realtime play mode with DEL Key only on Remote Control. 

3) Encoding of AM Radio is Not recommended,  AM Radio is Analog whereas EN-320 Encoding is Digital - Suggest No Encoding. 



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